Halloween Recipe Roundup

Given my predilection for party planning, Julia’s love of costumes, and our shared obsession with sweets, it’s a little surprising that neither of us is actually throwing a Halloween party this weekend. But that’s not about to stop us from daydreaming about amazing Halloween-inspired treats! From the adorable to the downright gruesome, we’ve got you covered. I’m especially excited about the Bloody Red Velvet Cake (ideally served with a machete)…







If you’re throwing a Halloween party this year, do you have any spooky snacks planned? Or are you keeping it old school with loads of candy?

β™₯ Mil

P.S. Once Halloween’s over, don’t forget to put that leftover candy to good use!

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    • Those are my two favorites! The cake would also be awesome for a Walking Dead party…btw, have you watched the latest episode? I am completely traumatized 😦

      • I just watched it last night 😦 It was horrible…why? I keep thinking I might just stop watching the show and this may have pushed me over the brink.
        Heard a lot of rumours it might not be true, but than i would consider that an even worse cop-out.

      • SO HORRIBLE. And it was such a pointless/throwaway death!! I couldn’t believe it. I hope it’s not true but I really don’t see how that is possible 😦 And yeah, it would be a cheap cop-out move. Ughhhh.

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