Friday Favorites

This week’s favorites are semi-Thanksgiving themed as I’ve spent most of my free time this week browsing the web for new recipe ideas. Mil is a little under the weather right now, so send positive thoughts her way. In fact, at least a fourth of my workplace is sick so I probably need some of those thoughts as well! This weekend I’m heading over to her place to hopefully watch some movies and maybe break out my new Enchanted Forest coloring book. What are you up to this weekend?
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1. If my brother is reading this, he’ll be relieved to hear that we won’t be hosting a Paleo Thanksgiving. I definitely have big plans for at least one pie, stuffing (for Nick), and a big batch of the perfect fluffy mashed potatoes. I’ll be making a dairy-free version for me.
2. Christmas is my favorite time of year in New York. While it’s freezing cold, the festive decorations and general holiday buzz in the air more than makes up for it. When I lived there, I particularly loved sipping a latte while gawking at the Bergdorf Goodman holiday windows. Here’s a peek at this year’s displays.
3. This is a scary time both in the United States and across the world. To be honest I felt a little funny sharing a normal recipe post on Monday  in midst of so much worldwide grief and anger. Joanna Goddard captured this struggle in a brief but thoughtful post.
4. Local blogger Julianna of Blush and Camo had a fun post this week on how to wear red. Too bad almost all my sweaters are all black, grey, and white. Time for some holiday shopping…?
5. Any analysts out there? You’ll appreciate this strategic approach to Thanksgiving meal planning. Search for the perfect turkey recipe based on various criteria including easiest and most alternative.




5 responses

  1. Those Bergdorf windows are amazing! NYC at Christmas sounds so magical. And count me in for shopping. I still need sweaters desperately!

  2. Cool coloring book. I haven’t seen that one before. Do you prefer color pencils or markers?

    What a fun surprise to see my friend Julianna featured in the Friday roundup, I love her style!

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