Friday Favorites

Today I’m sharing this week’s favorites from Allentown, PA. We came out to attend a funeral and are staying an extra day to spend time with Nick’s family. Funerals are a funny thing: the conflicting feelings of sadness over the loss of life combined with the happiness that comes from reuniting with family and friends. Since moving out to Seattle, it’s been harder to see Nick’s family, so I’m thankful for every extra moment we get with them. Have a great weekend. Hope you’re spending it with the ones you love!
1. By now, most of you should know that pie is one of my all time favorite foods. Berry, chocolate, pumpkin, quiche…I love it all. Imagine my pure joy when I came across PieGram, a business built entirely around mailing people pies. Why didn’t I think of that?! #dreamjob

2. If PieGrams aren’t going to cut it as gifts for the whole family, check out Real Simple’s new holiday gifting service: Giftable. It helps you track holidays and collect gift ideas throughout the year.
3. I’m a sucker for holiday movies, the Hallmark ones in particular. I love the cheesy story lines and the cookie cutter leading men. I’m looking forward to spending the rest of this month checking off some of the movies on this playlist.
4. Everyone has their go-to cookie recipes they bring out every Christmas season. My good friend’s mom always makes the famed Neiman Marcus cookie recipe. After six or seven years of being gone, I’m looking forward to stopping by soon for a cup of coffee and a cookie or two.
5. I love Lauren Conrad’s Ladies Who Laptop series. This month’s interview highlights Jordan Jones, the creative mind behind Packed Party and The Doorstep Necklace.

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  1. This is my first time hearing about the Laptop series! I’m obsessed. I read the article on Jordan (Packed Party) and Blair from (Atlantic Pacific). I want to read through the entire series. So inspiring.

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