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Happy Friday, everybody! How was your week? It’s been pretty crazy for us – one of my very best friends got engaged the other night, so I’m absolutely bursting at the seams with excitement! This weekend is sure to be filled with elated (and inebriated) celebrations, and I can’t wait. Meanwhile, Jules is visiting some friends in New York (her second trip this month, dang)! Anyway, before you sign off for the weekend, enjoy some glittery holiday decor and even more glittery beards…

Friday Favorites 12.11.15

1. I’m not very crafty, but this glitzy disco ball wreath is almost fabulous enough to make me attempt a DIY project. (A Beautiful Mess)

2. Speaking of glitz, have you heard about the latest hipster trend? Glitter beards!! And before you ask, yes, there’s an instructional video. It’s amazing. (Slate)

3. This expat’s tips for traveling in Rome are making me extremely nostalgic for the Eternal City. (The Neo-Traditionalist)

4. These curated food-themed gift sets sound so freaking good. But how to choose between the chocolate lover’s kit and the grilled cheese taster? (Cup of Jo)

5. I’m a huge Star Wars fan (Jules and I bought our tickets to The Force Awakens back in October), so I loved reading about the real science inspired by the films. (National Geographic)

Hope you have a wonderful weekend, hopefully one that involves an indecent amount of Christmas cookies!

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  1. I was never a huge fan of Star Wars growing up, but my bf has definitely gotten me into it so now I can’t wait for the movie to come out lol. And I absolutely love that disco ball wreath. Wreaths are so easy to make and I will definitely have to try that out next year. Great post.

    Kia / house of KTS

  2. The article on Rome is so much fun. I want to travel abroad. The Neo-traditionalist is a cool blog. It was my first time visiting.

    • It’s hard to remember at this point, but I’m pretty sure the Neo-Trad was the first blog I ever read! It’s changed a lot, but I still love it šŸ™‚

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