Friday Favorites

Today is a particularly happy Friday. My company ( takes the entire week of Christmas off, so I’m about to head into a nice long chunk of time off. I feel like I’m back in school counting down the days to Christmas break!
I’m kicking off the weekend with some fun and festive activities. Tomorrow, I’m heading to Mil’s to watch Christmas movies and decorate cookies. Sunday, I’m attending my friend Rachel’s Christmas show which poses the question “What if Santa and Jesus were roommates?” It should be interesting…have a good weekend and enjoy this week’s roundup.
Time off for me always means catching up on my reading list. I frequently head over to Modern Mrs Darcy‘s for ideas for what to read next. Her most recent roundup has me interested in picking up a copy of Coming Clean: A Story of Faith for myself and Goodbye Stranger for my little sister.
2. Good fonts make all the difference. Chaitra, of Pink Pot, is always a great resource for new design and blog resources. I love the festive fonts she shared this week.
3. These deer sugar cookies are just darling. I wish I had the confidence to attempt the tutorial from Bakerella, but Pinterest fails keep dancing through my head.
4. Have a hard time coming up gifts for everyone on your list? Why not buy the same thing for everyone?
5. I’ve been sick this week and have found myself referring back to our guest post on natural cold remedies. Thank goodness for lemons, ginger, and oregano oil.

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  1. I love the Modern Mrs. Darcy book recommendations! She’s led me to so many of my absolute favorite reads!

    And great tip to buy the same thing for everyone — that’s exactly what I do for all my inlaws!


    Ashley || Sed Bona

  2. Such a good roundup. I had not heard of the Modern Mrs. Darcy until I read about it on your guys blog. I really need to up my reading game and utilize my Kindle. It’s on my to-do list over the holidays. Another great resource is the Pink Pot. I found out about this blog through the Nectar Collective. Chaitra is a contributor over there. I still have never taken the time to explore her blog though. I just visited and there are so many great tips for photography etc. I know what I’ll be doing in the next few weeks. The idea of buying one Christmas gift for everyone is pretty clever, I might take that route for acquaintances but not for those who I am close to, e.g. mom, husband, and best friend.

    P.S. Those reindeer cookies are adorable!

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