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Happy Friday, friends! How was your week? I’ll admit, it did sting a bit to work five straight days for the first time in awhile…but we all survived and the weekend is finally upon us. Any fun plans? Or un-fun plans, for that matter? I’m going see Leo’s latest (The Revenant), hit up a new brunch place per my resolution, and attempt to organize my life for 2016. Wish me luck on that last one…now let’s kick things off with my fave links from the week!

Friday Favorites // January 8, 2016

1. This collection of inspiring quotes will help get your year off to a lovely start. I love #2 and #8. (The Neo-Traditionalist)

2. If you’re like Jules and me, you’ve given some serious thought to how you’d decorate your dream library. Fetch the brooding statues and antique globes! (The Toast)

3. Speaking of books, our girl Emma Watson is starting a feminist book club. When can we join? (Levo)

4. Awkward small talk is the worst. Learn how to hijack boring chitchat and turn it into a fascinating convo, no matter who you’re talking to. (Bustle)

5. If coffee is the nectar of life, then this homemade coconut latte is the nectar of the life I wish I had – one where I live in the tropics. (How Sweet It Is)

Have a wonderful weekend!

♥ Mil

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  1. i loving emma Watson at the minute, I like how she decides to use her fame for the better. shes such an inspiratina and role model, and who doesn’t love her in harry potter? x x

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