Share the Love: DIY Stamped Tea Towel

Valentine's Day DIY Stamped Tea Towel Craft
Ever since my stint in the south, my heart gets just a little more excited about the holidays. Southerners love to celebrate special events with themed trinkets and decor. One decor trend I’m particularly fond of is the seasonal tea towel – Christmas trees in December, little American flags in July. I like it because it brings a little bit of flair to my kitchen, but is still useful. I’m not one for knick knacks, since counter space is too precious in the Malinowski household.

With Valentine’s Day coming up, I thought it’d be fun to create my own decorative tea or dish towels…a little throwback to my southern “roots.” While Nick and I don’t really do anything to celebrate, I love using Valentine’s Day as a reason to celebrate all the other loves in my life: friends, family, and great coworkers. This project is an easy and affordable gift that any girl in your life will love.

DIY Stamped Tea Towel

Plain flour sack dishtowels
Acrylic paint
Small dish
Sheets of thick scrap paper
Optional: Hot glue gun, Rick rack

Valentine's Day DIY Stamped Tea Towel Craft

Start by picking out your paint colors and gathering your materials. I went with the classic Valentine’s Day theme of pink and red, but you can roll with any color combo you want.


Valentine's Day DIY stamped tea towel craft

Use your sharpie to sketch your stamp shapes onto the top of your sponge. Make sure you keep the comparative size of your dish towel in mind. Don’t over think it! Sponge stamps do not lend themselves to detail or perfection. Embrace that handmade look, y’all!


Valentine's day DIY stamped tea towel craft

Once your stamps are cut, pour your paint into a small dish. Then cut and insert a thick piece of paper behind the front panel of the dishtowel to prevent the paint from seeping through. Alternatively you could spread the towel out, but I like being able to see how the final design will look. I suggest only stamping the front to keep the towel functional. Any section that’s painted won’t absorb water. Let your stamps absorb the paint for about 5 seconds before stamping them onto the fabric. Make sure to press down firmly and let the paint dry for at least 5 minutes before touching. 


Valentine's Day DIY Stamped Tea Towel Craft

I had extra rick rack around the house that I simply hot glued to the bottom for some extra flare. I originally cut a piece to just lay across the front, but ended up gluing it along the bottom of the front side. Adding a strong of pom-poms would also be cute.


Valentine's Day DIY stamped tea towel craft

Despite their imperfections, I think they’re just darling! I can’t wait to send a couple sets in the mail later this week as a little southern surprise for my friends.

Do you have any special plans for Valentine’s Day or Galentine’s Day this year? Last year Mil and I spent the day together. True love.


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