Friday Favorites

Happy Friday, everybody! How was your week? With the glory of the weekend upon us, I’m looking forward to a dinner party with some friends and, if the stars align, a long FaceTime session with Jules to hear all about her epic road trip. I also wouldn’t say no to a showing of Zoolander 2. What are your plans? Before you rush home to put on your party pants – or dive headfirst into bed – take a moment to enjoy a few of our fave links from the week.

Friday Favorites

1. My 30th birthday is on the horizon, so this list of things every woman should do before hitting that milestone seemed timely. From skinny dipping to starting a 401k, it covers a lot of important stuff. I’m happy to report I’ve done many of them, but taking a solo trip is still on my to-do list. (SMP Living)

2. For those of us living in fear of a world where Donald Trump might become president, our neighbors to the north are offering us sanctuary on this beautiful island. Thanks, Canada! (Cape Breton If Donald Trump Wins)

3. Looking for an excuse to have your friends over? A winter soup swap should rally the troops. (SMP Living)

4. Just in case you need any extra justification to visit Italy, it turns out the trip will make you a better person. Seems legit to me! (The Everygirl)

5. If you’ve ever wondered why American movie stars from the 30s and 40s spoke with that funny quasi-English accent, now you have an answer. (Messy Nessy Chic)

Have a fantastic weekend!

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