April Wish List

Who else is overjoyed that spring is finally here? We had temps in the 70s in Seattle this weekend, and for a hot minute it almost felt like summer. It was glorious. I’m so excited to dump my winter clothes into storage and start wearing lighter, brighter colors again. Dressing for warm weather is just so much more fun!

April Wish List


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I’ve been living in my lightweight army jacket lately, and the drapey version above offers a cool feminine twist on the classic. Other than that, I’m craving blush pink everything…I’m also a bit of a candle hoarder, so I’m looking forward to bringing out my springtime candles. Diptyque’s Figuier really embodies the freshness of the season. Sniff one and you’ll see!

What’s on your wish list these days?

♥ Mil


Image via With Love From Kat

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    • Aw, I hope your allergies aren’t too terrible! I love those shoes too…nude heels go with everything and make your legs look so much longer. Hope you’re doing well my dear 🙂

  1. Lots of pretty things, loving the sun glasses. So happy spring is (sort of) here too, I can’t wait for nicer weather and sunshine. So done sitting inside watching the rain come down. i want to go out and do stuff! Like that lovely bike ride you showed the other day.
    xo Anne – Doves & Roses

    • Ha yes! I want to do stuff too! The weather has been such a tease here…it was gorgeous this weekend but now it’s cloudy and chilly again. Come on, spring!

    • Sad! I hope it was nice in SF, at least! And don’t worry, it’s supposed to hit 81 later this week 😀

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