Spring To-Do List

Spring To-Do List

Apart from summer, spring is definitely my favorite season. Flowers blooming! The return of sandal weather! Puppies frolicking in the sunshine! (Can’t you picture the montage?) It’s tough to beat. While we may have briefly regressed to the chilly dampness of winter this week, I’m firmly in the spring mindset now and there’s no going back. These are the top 10 activities and experiences on my to-do list this season.

1. Bring home all the pink peonies I can carry

2. Catch a daytime Mariners game

3. Hunt down the perfect pair of nude lace-up sandals

The perfect nude lace-up sandals

4. Treat myself to a facial

5. Visit Molly Moon’s new Eastside location

6. Purge the heck out of my wardrobe and donate anything I haven’t worn in over a year

7. Do as much shopping as possible at my neighborhood farmers market

Spring To-Do List // Bellevue Farmers Market

8. Take a cocktail mixing class

9. Hang the gallery wall in my living room (technically, this has been on my to-do list for the past eight months)

10. Plan a Memorial Day weekend getaway – Palm Springs, perhaps?

A Memorial Day weekend getaway in Palm Springs sounds pretty perfect

What are you most excited about this season? Do you have a spring to-do list?

♥ Mil


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12 responses

  1. Those sandals are amazing, Mil! Peonies are beautiful. I hope you manage to complete all the tasks on your to-do list this spring. 😀 xx

  2. Great to do list! I’m so happy we are leaving winter behind, although it is freezing and rainy here today. fingers crossed sandals are just around the corner xo

    • Thanks! I know, the weather’s been such a tease here. I can’t wait for the sunshine to become a bit more permanent! Hope you’re having a lovely spring so far!

    • Thank you! Hopefully now that I’ve put it in writing it will motivate me to finally do it!

    • Ooh, both of those lists sound fantastic! What’s on your spring vacay list? I just want to go somewhere really warm and sunny 🙂

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