Bar Cart Bonanza

Guys, I may have mentioned this before, but I’m hopelessly obsessed with bar carts. I have an entire secret Pinterest board dedicated to styling the bar cart I don’t actually have yet. But one of the most exciting aspects of my new apartment is that I finally have room for one! Despite my exhaustive research, I can’t quite decide which style I like best…

Retro glam bar cart

Antique bookshelf bar cart

Folding bar cart

Rustic Bar Cart

How cool is that last one? If I lived in a Spanish-style SoCal bungalow, I’d definitely go for it. I still can’t make up my mind though, so I threw together a few styling ideas. In true Mil fashion, I think I’m leaning towards vintage glam…


Vintage Glam Bar Cart Styling


Colorful Whimsy Bar Cart Styling


Modern Rustic Bar Cart Styling


Are you as bar cart-obsessed as I am? Or maybe you already have one (if so, I’m already jealous)! How would you style yours?

♥ Mil

P.S. You can click on any of the collages above to see links to the products!


Images: 1 / 2 / 3 / 4

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