The Bronze Age: Your Guide to Sunkissed Skin

Summer is tantalizingly close, and a good bronzer is one of the most valuable assets in your makeup bag at this time of year. It’s a proven fact that everyone looks beautiful with softly sunkissed skin, but we’ve all been warned ad nauseam about the perils of sunbathing, so bronzer is a no-brainer! From powder to liquid and everything in between, these nine products will help you fake a tan like a pro. (Just use in moderation to avoid this.)

The Bronze Age: Your Guide to Sunkissed Skin

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The first thing to figure out when shopping for bronzer is what type of look you want. If you’re aiming for dewy and fresh-faced, a cream bronzer is perfect. NARS The Multiple provides sheer, gorgeous, blendable color. A gel or liquid bronzer is also a good option; Giorgio Armani Liquid Summer is a fan favorite. Mix a few drops with your liquid foundation for subtle, all-over color, or apply on its own for a sun goddess glow.

For the most natural-looking bronzed skin, matte powder is your go-to product. It’s the best way to make it seem like you’ve been tanning on a tropical beach for a few days even though you’ve (obviously) been rocking the SPF 50. Benefit Hoola gives you a soft and subtle tan; Guerlain Terracotta is an old-school classic; Bobbi Brown Bronzing Powder is my everyday favorite. Matte bronzer is also the most buildable option, since you can deepen your color without doubling up on shimmer. (Bonus: it can also be used for contouring!)

Last on our list is bronzer with shimmer. When applied cautiously, it results in a beautifully luminous, sunkissed complexion. Buxom bronzer is always fantastic; Hourglass Ambient Bronzer gives you amazing radiance and dimension; and for all you multi-taskers, this awesome bronzer palette also includes highlighter and blush.

What’s your favorite bronzer?

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