Friday Favorites

Happy Friday, everybody! What are you up to this weekend? I’m visiting this haunted house with some friends, and I can’t wait for all the terrifying, scream-inducing, pants-wetting fun (just kidding about that last one…I hope). Supposedly the place has a pretty gruesome history; it’s ranked as one of the top haunted attractions in the country. Have any of you been? It was between this and zombie paintball, which was too far away (boo). Maybe next year…that gives me 365 days to convince Jules to come along! Now let’s kick off the weekend with a few fun links.

Friday Faves 10.16.15

1. Target’s latest designer collaboration launches early next year and will feature crowdsourced designs that are all under 50 bucks. Woohoo! (Brit + Co)

2. Looking for something to do for Halloween? Consult this list of spooky movies and the cocktails to pair them with. (Domino)

3. These networking tips from a Wharton professor will help you uncover the hidden potential in your “dormant ties.” (Ivanka Trump)

4. This simple yet chic hair tutorial would be equally perfect for everyday or a special occasion. (Lace & Pearls)

5. October is Sex and the City month over at The Man Repeller, so naturally one staffer has decided to spend a week as Miranda Hobbes. WWMD? (The Man Repeller)

Have a fabulous weekend!

♥ Mil

Friday Favorites

Happy Friday, everybody! It’s been a tiring week and I’m looking forward to spending some quality time in bed this weekend. Apart from that, I’ll be unpacking some more, trying a new brunch place, and enjoying some yummy bites at the Taste of Main. Meanwhile, Jules is backpacking through the Enchantments with some friends who are visiting from out of town. What about you guys? Any cool plans for the weekend? Let’s kick things off with a few fun links!

Friday Favorites // via South by Northwest

1. Feeling a little meh about work lately? Here’s a roundup of 15 career books to inspire you. (A Cup of Jo)

2. These ideas for keeping fit while you travel made me think of Jules, who dutifully went running every morning of our beach vacation while I slept in like a slacker. (World of Wanderlust)

3. Who among us hasn’t dreamed of staying in the world’s most Instagram-worthy boutique hotels? (Fathom)

4. The return of the Pumpkin Spice Latte is nearly upon us, and Starbucks says they’ll be ditching the artificial fillers in favor of actual pumpkin. Woohoo! Let’s hope the deliciousness wasn’t in the caramel coloring. (Refinery29)

5. Fear the Walking Dead premieres this Sunday and I cannot wait! You can watch the opening scene now, which contains our very first walker sighting. Who else is excited for the beginning of the zombie apocalypse? (Vulture)

Have a wonderful weekend!

♥ Mil


Image 5 via AMC

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Friday Favorites

Happy Friday, you guys! What are you up to this weekend? I hope you have some adventures planned because my weekend is going to be pretty tame. I can’t wait to sleep in and finally get some serious nesting done in my new apartment. The mountain of boxes in my living room is very gradually shrinking…it’s certainly helped having a lighter posting schedule this week, though I have to say I miss the ol’ blog on the nights I don’t work on it. Does anybody else have separation anxiety from their blog? But I digress. Let’s dive into a few of my fave links from the week!

Friday Favorites

1. This interview with fashion industry icon Jenna Lyons is filled with career advice, including how to get her attention if you’re applying for a job. (Glamour)

2. Here’s the scientific explanation for why your dog absolutely loses his mind with joy every time you come home. Julia’s doggies definitely came to mind as I was reading this! (i09)

3. While mapping the Milky Way, galactic archaeologists recently discovered something interesting. Does it even matter what it was, though? “Galactic archaeologist” has got to be the freaking coolest job title I’ve ever heard. Yep, I’m a big nerd. (Discovery)

4. I have a major weakness for heirloom tomatoes; besides being pretty to look at, they taste like summer sunshine and happiness. So obviously I plan to make myself some of this enticing heirloom tomato toast as soon as possible. (Camille Styles)

5. Have you heard of the “makeup tax”? This piece is a fascinating look at what women invest – both in time and money – in our appearances, and the impact it has on our careers and relationships. (The Atlantic)

Have a fabulous weekend!

♥ Mil

Friday Favorites

Happy Friday, friends! How was your week? I’m getting over a cold and if you ask me, getting sick in the summer should not be allowed. I mean, it’s the worst. You can’t enjoy a soothing cup of tea when it’s this hot outside, and people tend to look at you funny when you bring a box of Kleenex to the beach. But don’t worry, I’m not letting it hold me back! I plan to soak up every ounce of sun I can this weekend, treat myself to a pedicure, and bake something yummy for our book club. (Oh, and finish the book at some point…) Let’s get the weekend started with a few fun links!

Friday Favorites

1. In case you haven’t already heard the blessed news, Cupcakes and Cashmere is launching a clothing line! As longtime fans of C&C, Jules and I will undoubtedly be shopping the collection when it hits Nordstrom next month. (Cupcakes and Cashmere)

2. This cool chart breaks down the most popular lipstick shades around the world. (Racked)

3. Who doesn’t fantasize about getting paid to travel to exotic places? These five ladies are living the dream, and are sharing their advice on how to make it happen. (Levo)

4. Navigating the labyrinth that is Ikea can be overwhelming at best. This guide to the greatest things in the store will help. (Design Darling)

5. With temperatures in Seattle about to break into the 90s, all I can think about is spending a day at the pool. I may need one of these glamorous retro swimsuits. (Refinery29)

Wishing you all a lovely weekend filled with good friends, perfect weather and a pitcher of something delicious!

♥ Mil

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