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Happy Friday, everybody! What are you up to this weekend? I’m visiting this haunted house with some friends, and I can’t wait for all the terrifying, scream-inducing, pants-wetting fun (just kidding about that last one…I hope). Supposedly the place has a pretty gruesome history; it’s ranked as one of the top haunted attractions in the country. Have any of you been? It was between this and zombie paintball, which was too far away (boo). Maybe next year…that gives me 365 days to convince Jules to come along! Now let’s kick off the weekend with a few fun links.

Friday Faves 10.16.15

1. Target’s latest designer collaboration launches early next year and will feature crowdsourced designs that are all under 50 bucks. Woohoo! (Brit + Co)

2. Looking for something to do for Halloween? Consult this list of spooky movies and the cocktails to pair them with. (Domino)

3. These networking tips from a Wharton professor will help you uncover the hidden potential in your “dormant ties.” (Ivanka Trump)

4. This simple yet chic hair tutorial would be equally perfect for everyday or a special occasion. (Lace & Pearls)

5. October is Sex and the City month over at The Man Repeller, so naturally one staffer has decided to spend a week as Miranda Hobbes. WWMD? (The Man Repeller)

Have a fabulous weekend!

♥ Mil

Let’s Make Mocktails!

If you know Mil at all, you know that she loves capping off a workday with happy hour drinks on a patio. I guess, who doesn’t? Shockingly we haven’t done many happy hours since I’ve been back, mostly because we work in different cities and rush hour traffic is the worst. One happy hour trend I’ve been delighted to see is that more restaurants seem to be adding a mocktail menu. Drinks specifically designed to be delicious without the booze. For someone who thinks booze isn’t particularly delicious, it’s nice to have a few options that feel a little more special than a Diet Coke. Mocktails are also an easy and affordable way to make any meal or afternoon feel special. Here are a few recipes I particularly enjoy:

Moscow Mule

I love ginger beer and whoever came up with this combination of ginger and lime is a genius. This recipe simply swaps out the vodka with club soda.



Hole in the wall Mexican joints almost always offer agua frescas (cool waters in Spanish), which are typically just a blend of fruit with sugar and water. Sometimes they toss in some chia seeds or flowers. This watermelon version brings in a little jalapeño syrup for a more complex flavor.


pouring tonic water

Bubbly cocktails always remind me of Mil, probably because of her affinity for mimosas. I’ve enjoyed this non-alcoholic French 75 several times over the past few weeks and it never fails to make me feel just a little bit classier than before I started sipping.



It’s not summer until you’ve sipped on a fruity tropical drink complete with garnish and an umbrella. This combination of pineapple and orange flavors with mint sounds interesting. I’m hosting book club this Sunday and I’m thinking about mixing up a big pitcher to share.


french 75

Hanging out on our back patio sipping a mocktail and soaking up the sun. Note the spill across the front of my dress. It’s a miracle if I make through a day without spilling something on myself. This is real life, y’all.

Next time you’re planning a summer barbecue consider adding one of these drinks to the bar menu. While they won’t get you drunk, they will make you and your guests happy!


Holiday Gift Guide: The Entertainer

This weekend we saw snow on the ground in Seattle! It’s officially December, people. Party season has begun, and our latest gift guide is, quite fittingly, for the Entertainer in your life. This is the girl who loves playing hostess, who’s always the first to start dancing, and firmly believes that champagne is always a good idea. Her parties are legendary, but her epic cocktail mixing skills are perhaps even more so.


Holiday Gift Guide: The Entertainer


one / two / three / four / five / six / seven / eight / nine / ten


1. The Essential Bar Book is a necessity for any entertainer.

2. These cheeky mixers would be a welcome addition to her bar cart.

3. Who wouldn’t love this glam bottle stopper?

4. A bottle of bubbly in a festive tote bag will ensure you’re invited to her next party.

5. Both amateur and master mixologists alike will get a kick out of this dice set, which prompts you to experiment with creative cocktail combinations.

6. Make shots fun again with these cool Himalayan salt tequila glasses.

7. Every good party needs cheese. Ergo, every good hostess needs this set of cute cheese knives.

8. These letterpress coasters are a clever blend of wit, history and kitsch.

9. The perpetual entertainer will love passing out cocktails on this pretty serving tray.

10. Festive drink stirrers are a fun addition to any fête.

11. Cards Against Humanity is probably the most hilarious and lauded party game of recent years. (Note: do not play at family gatherings.)

12. This rustic tin beverage dispenser comes with a flavor infuser–perfect for party-sized batches of sangria!

13. A portable Bluetooth speaker is a surefire way to get people dancing.

14. This candle embodies the scent of the holidays.

15. Any hostess would be delighted to send her guests home with treats in these adorable gift bags.

And if you’re throwing a soirée yourself this season, any of the above would make excellent additions to your own party supply stash…

♥ Mil

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