Color Crush: Emerald

Color Crush: Emerald // via South by Northwest

I have a thing for emerald green; it’s lush, moody, and vaguely regal (at least in my mind). Maybe it’s because emerald is my birthstone, but there’s something about this deep jewel tone that I simply adore. Plus, it pairs perfectly with coral, gold, and leopard, three of my other favorites. I’d love to splurge on an emerald velvet sofa one day, or maybe even take the plunge with this banana palm wallpaper made famous by the iconic Beverly Hills Hotel…

Banana leaf wallpaper

Emerald green kitchen

Emerald green velvet sofa

Emerald green library

Upholstered emerald green door

Day of the Dead Wallpaper

Emerald green bathroom

Emerald green bookshelves

How cool is that Day of the Dead wallpaper? And what about that impossibly glamorous emerald and gold kitchen (which, btw, belongs to Cameron Diaz)? LOVE. If you’re a fan of the color but not willing to deal with the hassle of painting or wallpapering, here are some other, more subtle ways to incorporate emerald green into your home. I am seriously head-over-heels obsessed with #3 below…


Color Crush: Emerald

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How do you feel about emerald green décor? Which of these rooms would you want to recreate in your own home?

♥ Mil


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