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Happy Friday, everybody! It’s been a tiring week and I’m looking forward to spending some quality time in bed this weekend. Apart from that, I’ll be unpacking some more, trying a new brunch place, and enjoying some yummy bites at the Taste of Main. Meanwhile, Jules is backpacking through the Enchantments with some friends who are visiting from out of town. What about you guys? Any cool plans for the weekend? Let’s kick things off with a few fun links!

Friday Favorites // via South by Northwest

1. Feeling a little meh about work lately? Here’s a roundup of 15 career books to inspire you. (A Cup of Jo)

2. These ideas for keeping fit while you travel made me think of Jules, who dutifully went running every morning of our beach vacation while I slept in like a slacker. (World of Wanderlust)

3. Who among us hasn’t dreamed of staying in the world’s most Instagram-worthy boutique hotels? (Fathom)

4. The return of the Pumpkin Spice Latte is nearly upon us, and Starbucks says they’ll be ditching the artificial fillers in favor of actual pumpkin. Woohoo! Let’s hope the deliciousness wasn’t in the caramel coloring. (Refinery29)

5. Fear the Walking Dead premieres this Sunday and I cannot wait! You can watch the opening scene now, which contains our very first walker sighting. Who else is excited for the beginning of the zombie apocalypse? (Vulture)

Have a wonderful weekend!

♥ Mil


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Lovely Legs Pyramid Workout

We’ve entered the season of shorts and tiny sundresses, also known as the season of mandatory leg shaving (I miss you, pants!). Now that my legs are no longer in hiding, I’m a bit more motivated to make sure I feel good about showing them off. My current leg inspiration? Taylor Swift. I mean, seriously…
. Taylor Swift-20140616-17
Now, not all of us are blessed with Taylor’s genetics. Let’s get real, her legs are probably as long as most of my body. So instead of fantasizing about some sort of leg extension surgery, it’s better to focus on what’s within one’s control. My legs are naturally muscular, so during the summer I like to play this up a little more. For me, having lovely legs means having strong legs that look like they can kick some major butt.
. Lovely Legs Pyramid Workout (2)
Here’s a quick pyramid workout I’ve recently been busting out a few times a week. I love that I get more into it as the reps increase and then my heart rate starts to naturally calm down towards the end. . Do you show off your legs in summer, or are you more of a maxi skirt and tank top kind of girl? .

XOXO, Jules


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Friday Favorites

Happy Friday, everyone! Jules and I are jetting off to San Diego tomorrow, so it is a very happy Friday indeed. I’m so looking forward to beach time, tacos, trashy magazines and nonstop girl talk! What are you guys up to for the long weekend? I’m sure there’s a packing frenzy in my future tonight, but for now let’s enjoy a few of my favorite links from the week.

Friday Favorites

1. Meet the couple behind what is perhaps the most romantic travel-themed Instagram account ever. (

2. Much as I adore Harrison Ford (my first love), I have to admit that Anna Kendrick as Indiana Jones is pretty entertaining. (

3. I love my job, but with the exception of running from one conference room to another, it’s usually pretty sedentary. Here are 11 simple tricks and exercises that will help you sneak some movement into your workday. (

4. It’s swimsuit season, and that means it’s also the season of self-tanner mishaps. These tips for fixing a botched fake tan may come in handy. One of them involves Windex! (

5. And last of all, the most important thing you’ll learn all week: how to judge a person by their ice cream choice. Magnum Double Caramel for me, please. (

Jules and I are going to be taking a few days off from the blog while we’re on vacation, but we’ll be back soon with tales of our California adventure! In the meantime, you can follow the action on Instagram (I’m here and Jules is here). Wishing you all a fantastic, sunny weekend!

♥ Mil

Work It, Girl!

Since Jules moved back to Seattle, she’s been regaling me with tales of yoga classes, jogs around the lake, and Pilates/barre/cardio what-have-you. It’s pretty impressive. I tell myself I’m too busy for such frivolous things as fitness, but really I’m just not a big fan of exercise. What’s to like? It’s sweaty and gross and your iPhone inevitably dies three tracks into your killer workout playlist. Why run in circles around the park when you could lie on a cozy beach blanket, luxuriating in the sunshine with a good book and a cup of fro-yo? (Or perhaps with a couple of trashy magazines and some white cheddar Cheez-Its? No judgment here.)

Sure, I hear endorphins are great (though I remain skeptical). And it wouldn’t be the worst thing to look hot in a swimsuit when summer rolls around. With that in mind, every so often I decide to get my act together. But I couldn’t possibly motivate myself to do so without some cute new workout gear. As Lorelai Gilmore says, “I’ll do just about anything if it means I can buy an outfit!”


Cute Workout Gear


one / two / three / four / five / six / seven / eight / nine / ten / eleven / twelve / thirteen

Whether you’re tackling a Zumba class or a job interview, the right outfit can definitely empower you. While searching for my own fitness inspiration, I was drawn to these bright, energizing colors and flowy, comfortable fabrics. (#13 pretty much sums up my feelings about exercise!)

Do you have a favorite workout? How about a favorite workout outfit?

♥ Mil

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