Friday Favorites

Happy Friday! What are you up to this weekend? I’m moving out of my apartment at the end of the month, so my life is about to be consumed by boxes and bubble wrap. Though I may get distracted and wander off to the beach, or to the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale…both of which are highly likely. Procrastinate with me and enjoy some of my faves from the week!

Friday Favorites

1. My inner child is drooling over these rainbow sugar cookie ice cream sandwiches. (Paper & Stitch)

2. Did you guys know that using dry shampoo on wet hair is the key to killer volume? I can’t wrap my mind around it. Have any of you tried this technique? (Byrdie)

3. Now trending on Twitter, #TheAfricaTheMediaNeverShowsYou is combating negative stereotypes with vibrant images depicting the diversity, beauty and modernity of the continent. (One)

4. Have you been meaning to finally fill out that gallery wall? You can now print images directly from Instagram – and from any feed, not just your own! (My Domaine)

5. Read all about what it’s like to be a professional bridesmaid, and stay tuned for the inevitable Katherine Heigl movie. (Refinery29)

Have a wonderful weekend!

♥ Mil

Friday Favorites

Happy Friday, everyone! Jules and I are jetting off to San Diego tomorrow, so it is a very happy Friday indeed. I’m so looking forward to beach time, tacos, trashy magazines and nonstop girl talk! What are you guys up to for the long weekend? I’m sure there’s a packing frenzy in my future tonight, but for now let’s enjoy a few of my favorite links from the week.

Friday Favorites

1. Meet the couple behind what is perhaps the most romantic travel-themed Instagram account ever. (

2. Much as I adore Harrison Ford (my first love), I have to admit that Anna Kendrick as Indiana Jones is pretty entertaining. (

3. I love my job, but with the exception of running from one conference room to another, it’s usually pretty sedentary. Here are 11 simple tricks and exercises that will help you sneak some movement into your workday. (

4. It’s swimsuit season, and that means it’s also the season of self-tanner mishaps. These tips for fixing a botched fake tan may come in handy. One of them involves Windex! (

5. And last of all, the most important thing you’ll learn all week: how to judge a person by their ice cream choice. Magnum Double Caramel for me, please. (

Jules and I are going to be taking a few days off from the blog while we’re on vacation, but we’ll be back soon with tales of our California adventure! In the meantime, you can follow the action on Instagram (I’m here and Jules is here). Wishing you all a fantastic, sunny weekend!

♥ Mil

Living Vicariously: Five Instagram Accounts to Follow

5 Instagram Accounts to Follow // via South by Northwest

Jules pointed out in conversation the other day that I’m really into Instagram, and she’s right – I confess, I’m a hopeless addict. But it’s not that I post pictures with obsessive frequency; I’m just a sucker for beautiful things, and Instagram delivers, if you know where to look! With a quick tap of my phone screen, I can be backstage at New York Fashion Week, cruising down the Pacific Coast Highway, sipping espresso in the Piazza Navona, or strolling beneath cherry blossoms in Tokyo. I love that it’s all so accessible! Allow yourself to be whisked away with a few of my favorites…


5 Instagram Accounts to Follow: @annstreetstudio

Jamie Beck and Kevin Burg of @annstreetstudio are professional photographers, so of course their Instagram account is a total gem. The duo is well-traveled and glamorous, and Jamie’s old-school elegance is everything I aspire to (though I feel compelled to tell you that I am wearing penguin print PJ bottoms as I write this, so it may be a lost cause).


5 Instagram Accounts to Follow: @fluxi

Ana Kamin, the girl behind @fluxi, perfectly captures the colorful, offbeat charm of San Francisco in her photos. I can practically feel the cool Pacific breeze on my face as I scroll through her feed.


5 Instagram Accounts to Follow: @parisianinrome

I will never stop loving Rome, and @parisianinrome gives me my daily fix. Each photo is paired with a perfect literary quote: sometimes contemplative, sometimes cheeky, but always timeless.


5 Instagram Accounts to Follow: @katiearmour

You may already be familiar with Katie Armour from her blog the Neo-Traditionalist (or from the now defunct Matchbook Magazine, which I adored), but her Instagram is just as lovely as her other projects. Katie recently moved to Chicago, and I love seeing her adventures in a city so near and dear to my heart! Bonus: her adorable pug Alfred makes frequent cameos.


5 Instagram Accounts to Follow: @garypeppergirl

Okay, so this one is no surprise. With 1.2 million followers, Nicole Warne is practically an Instagram icon (to say nothing of her beautiful blog). In her words, @garypeppergirl offers a glimpse into “a realm of vivid color and endless possibilities.” I really couldn’t put it any better myself!

Which Instagram accounts do you love? Are you as obsessed as I am?

♥ Mil

Friday Favorites

Hello, hello, hello! Friends, I have to tell you that it’s really been a great week. The sun has been shining. I’ve been spending some quality time with my girl Jillian Michaels. Oh, and I finally got a job! Whoop whoop! I have one more week of freedom and then it’s back to the grindstone. What should I do with my final week of freedom? Binge watch movies? Sleep in until 9am? So many options! While I enjoy brainstorming fun activities, I hope you enjoy my picks for this week’s Friday Favorites.





1. As you know, House of Cards Season 3 was released last week and everyone spent their weekend holed up on the couch with their phones on silent. Last season brought up some interesting topics around gender politics, and season three has kept these issues going. I enjoyed this take on the parallels between Clare Underwood and the political landscape women currently face. Be warned – spoilers ahead.

2. Am I the only one who feels just a smidge of pressure when it comes to using Instagram? My feed is a stream of beautifully framed and lit photos that elevate the everyday. Are my yellowy pictures of my decidedly unglamorous life going to just ruin the aesthetics of everyone’s feeds? Well the good news for me is that the Glitter Guide just shared tips on how to take the perfect Instagram picture.

3. The ponytail is one of the few hairstyles I’ve mastered. Twenty years and going strong! Unfortunately the ponytail rarely cuts it when we have a wedding or fancy fundraiser to attend. Well, hopefully now that’s changed thanks to this cute black tie ponytail tutorial. I’m off to buy a black ribbon this weekend!

4. What do you do when you first get home from work? Dump everything on the stairs and head straight to the fridge for a snack? Take your laptop to the living room and immediately start doing more work? Whatever your current routine is, I suggest taking a look at this list of 5 ways to have happier evenings at home. It’ll get you thinking about what you currently do, and maybe should stop/start doing.

5. Today, I saved the best for last. Or the weirdest for last. New research has revealed that people subconsciously sniff their hands after a handshake. So watch for that next time you meet someone new. Science is the best!


Happy Friday! XOXO!

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