Friday Favorites

Hooray for Friday! How was your week? Seattle is settling into fall, which means it’s grey and drizzly here and all I want to do is stay inside, get cozy on the couch and watch half a season of Gilmore Girls in one sitting. But I’ll have to put my ambitious Netflix plans on hold, because Jules and I are getting up at the crack of dawn tomorrow morning and heading to Nordstrom for their Fall Beauty Trend Show. As always, I’m going to require copious amounts of coffee, but I can’t wait! Now let’s kick off the weekend with some fun links.

Friday Favorites 9.18.15 // South by Northwest

1. Why don’t we party like we used to? This piece delves into the death of the party in modern culture. Unsurprisingly, technology may be to blame. (New York Times)

2. Mindy Kaling is our girl crush/spirit animal, so naturally we are super excited to read her new book! (Amazon)

3. I plan to relish the last few days of summer with this scrumptious peach crumble…AKA the last non-pumpkin thing I’ll be baking for awhile. (Paper & Stitch)

4. This guide to the best coffee shops in Seattle includes a few places I’ve never tried, which means a day of caffeine-fueled exploration is in my near future. (Domino)

5. The title of this one says it all: What I Instagrammed vs. What Was Really Happening, or Why My Entire Life is a Lie. Ha! (Bustle)

Have a fantastic weekend, everyone!

♥ Mil

Friday Favorites

Happy Friday, everybody! What’s shaking this weekend? The Game of Thrones premiere is two days away, just in time to fill the hole that the Walking Dead has left in my Sunday night (but not the one in my heart). Seattle Restaurant Week kicks off this weekend, and I’m excited to try someplace new. And I’ve got another clothing swap tomorrow, which reminds me, I need to weed through my closet at some point…procrastinate with me and enjoy a few of my favorite links from the week!

Friday Faves 4.10.15 // via South by Northwest

1. Over the course of 50 years, Albert Podell achieved something that’s on the bucket list of every ambitious traveler: visiting all 196 countries on Earth. In this interview, he discusses the weirdest foods he’s eaten, the time he was almost lynched, and how to judge a country by its toilet paper. (

2. Speaking of travel, check out these 10 amazing travel apps to help you with everything from packing to navigating the subway in 137 different cities. (

3. Here’s one for you Game of Thrones fans: Jon Snow as possibly the worst dinner guest ever. (Well, ok, admittedly Joffrey would be the worst.) You know nothing about small talk, Jon Snow! (

4. These 20 creative spring party themes will inspire you to plan your own festive fête as soon as possible. Who’s up for a gelato tasting party? How about a glamping-themed backyard bash? (

5. Treat yourself this weekend with one of these DIY beauty recipes for flawless skin. The exfoliating breakfast mask actually sounds pretty tasty… (

Have a fabulous weekend!

♥ Mil

Oscar Inspired Outfits

Now that we’ve covered the appetizers and the cocktails, the last piece in the Oscar party puzzle is the outfit! I thought it’d be fun to pull together a few outfits inspired by characters in this year’s Oscar-nominated films. The key to a good ensemble is to balance accuracy with wearability. You want to look enough like the character to be recognizable, but should also feel cute and comfortable hanging out in it all night. Here’s my version of toeing that line with Fletcher from “Whiplash,” Cheryl from “Wild,” and Sam from “Birdman.”


Dress like Fletcher from Whiplash

In “Whiplash,” J.K. Simmons plays Terrance Fletcher, an aggressive and driven band director. He spends most of the movie in the classic musician uniform of black on black. I thought this comfy black v-neck tee combined with a modern cut blazer, skinny black jeans, and a “rock” necklace created a female version of Fletcher’s look. I was tempted to finish it off with black Converses, but jazz musicans are little classier than that, so kitten heels it is! (Image source)



Dress like Cheryl from Wild

Reese Witherspoon plays Cheryl Strayed in “Wild,” spending most of the film walking up and down mountains in scruffy clothes and boots. My version of hiker chic involves the classic plaid and khaki combo, just with nicer cuts and materials than what I’d actually wear on the trail. Current Elliott plaid shirt + Grey t-shirt + Zara khaki pants + Smartwool socks + Free People boots = Cheryl, the hiking hottie. (Image source)



Dress like Sam from Birdman


In “Birdman,” Sam is the daughter to washed-up actor Riggan Thomson. She is a former drug addict with a leaning towards to the punk end of the fashion spectrum. I think the classic combination of black shirt, plaid skirt, fishnet stockings, and Dr. Martens does the trick nicely. I just love this Madewell plaid skirt, as it can easily be dressed up and down. Punk today, preppy tomorrow. (Image source)


This year, I think I’m going to let Cheryl Strayed inspire me, mostly because I wear my hiking socks on the regular anyway. If you could dress-up like a character in any of this year’s nominated films, who would you choose?



Seahawks Jello Shots – 12th Man Worthy

shots3 (1)

Here in Seattle, Seahawks fever has reached a fever pitch. This Sunday we’re going to a couple Super Bowl parties, and I’ve been thinking about what to bring. My usual football party go-to recipe is buffalo chicken dip, which is always a crowd pleaser. However, this weekend demands another caliber of party refreshments, given the Seahawks return to the Super Bowl, and nothing demarcates a true celebration like jello shots.

The idea of jello shots is almost always better than the execution. They sound like they should be delicious, but in reality I usually end up choking them down instead of slurping them up. Of course, I generally choke down most alcohol, so my opinion may be somewhat skewed…

After some at-home research, I’ve come up with a Seahawks themed jello shot that actually tastes good! A little too good, as I taste-tested about half of yesterday’s batch. Of course the key is to use flavored vodkas as the mixer, which does dilute the alcohol content. Oh well, at least this way you’ll survive an afternoon spent downing shots at every touchdown.

Seahawks Super Bowl Jello Shots
(Makes about eighteen 2-ounce shots)

Blue layer:
1 box berry blue jello
1 cup hot water
1/2 cup triple sec
1/2 cup citron vodka

Green layer:
1 box lime jello
1 cup hot water
1 cup citron vodka

2 or 3 ounce disposable cups, preferably the paper variety


In a medium bowl, dissolve the packet of berry blue jello in a cup of hot water. Stir throughly until combined. Add in the 1/2 cup of citron vodka, and 1/2 cup triple sec. Carefully pour the mixture into your disposable cups, filling them halfway. Place the cups in the fridge to set for about a half hour.

Once the blue layer has set, repeat the above process with the lime jello, adding a full cup of citron vodka and leaving out the triple sec. Place the cups back in the fridge to set.

*Note if you can’t find small disposable paper cups (my grocery store was out of them), use a tiny bit of coconut oil to lubricate the bottom and edges of your cups. This will help the shots easily come out when you’re ready to down them. Be sure to use just a teeny tiny amount, as no one wants to eat greasy jello.




I hope this recipe comes in handy this weekend. If you make these shots, tweet me a picture at @MrsMalinowski!

XOXO and Go Hawks!

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