Packing List: Weekend in San Diego

With our trip to San Diego just ten days away, I’m getting in the mood by making a packing list (ohhh yeah)! Now, since we plan to spend 75% of our time on the beach and the remaining 25% by the pool, the toughest part will be deciding which swimsuits to bring. The two contenders below are right up my alley! Apart from that, all we really need are cute sunglasses, SPF 50, and some fun reading material. (Not pictured: Jules rolling her eyes at my carry-on full of beauty products.)


Packing List: Weekend in San Diego



Am I forgetting anything vital? What are your must-haves for a weekend at the beach?

♥ Mil

Girlfriend Getaways


Once it was confirmed that Jules was moving back to Seattle, one of the things we were most excited about was all of the glorious vacations we would be able to take together. No more struggling to find a destination that was equidistant for both of us! No more suffering through boring cross-country flights by ourselves! Basically, all our dreams were going to come true. We immediately shifted into trip-planning mode and came up with our top picks for weekend getaways to sprinkle throughout the year – here’s what made our short list. (All domestic destinations. We’re not Rockefellers!)

San Diego, California


Less than a three-hour flight from Seattle is the laid-back, beachside paradise of San Diego. From surfing (or if we’re feeling lazy, sunbathing) in La Jolla to museum-hopping in Balboa Park, there’s no shortage of fun ways to fill a weekend. Plus, there are cute boutiques galore if a shopping mood should strike (it usually does).

Austin, Texas

Austin collage

Sources: Afar, Fathom


Like Seattle, Austin boasts a killer music scene – at some point we really want to cross Austin City Limits and South by Southwest off our music festival bucket list! But it’s also got year-round sunshine and amazing BBQ, which is more than enough to lure us there for a long weekend.

Charleston, South Carolina

Charleston collage

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In terms of pure picturesque charm, Charleston is off the charts. Voted the top city to visit in the U.S. for the fourth year running, it’s heaven for foodies, history buffs and anyone who appreciates being surrounded by beauty (that’s us)! And oh yes, we can get our beach fix there too. Fun fact: Charleston is where Jules got engaged!

Do you travel with your friends? What’s your favorite destination for a girls’ trip?

♥ Mil


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