Summer Beauty Refresh

June is exactly one week away…which means summer is almost here! I’m excitedly pulling all of my sandals out of storage and updating my makeup bag with seasonal favorites. Oh, brights, how I’ve missed you! Aside from an infusion of color, my beauty routine tends to become a little more laid-back and streamlined in the summer. Here’s an inside peek at the products I love and the ones I want to try this season.

Summer Beauty Refresh

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When it gets warm, I ditch my mineral foundation in favor of tinted moisturizer, and swap my powder blushes with a cream or waterproof gel stain. They’re so much more forgiving in the heat! I’m gravitating towards bright, vibrant lip colors right now, like this gorgeous oil-infused gloss. I don’t wear a ton of eye makeup in the summer because it’s usually the first thing to melt or fade away, but I can’t resist shimmery golden shades that play up a sun-kissed glow.

Waterproof mascara is a given in a beach/pool scenario, but what’s a girl to do about her brows? I recently came across a waterproof brow gel, which sounds extremely intriguing. I’m also obsessed with this makeup setting spray (you can read my full review of it here) – it’s SO refreshing, it’s organic, and it’s SPF 30. Definitely a summer staple!

I’m pretty low maintenance when it comes to my hair (which is surprising, given my lengthy makeup routine), and in the summer I usually just spritz it with Surf Spray and twist it up in a bun for beachy looking waves with virtually zero effort. That stuff is a cult classic for a reason! I switch out my shampoo and conditioner frequently (due more to boredom than any real need), and right now I really want to try this coconut-infused duo from Coqui Coqui. Anything to help me pretend I’m on a tropical vacation, basically.

I love a good body oil, and I’ve been hunting for a version with bronzer that looks subtle and natural. This one might fit the bill…until I can try it, I’ll stick with a luscious, fast-absorbing body lotion (preferably one with a cheeky name).

Which beauty products are you adding to your routine for summer? Is there anything new you’re excited to try?

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The Bronze Age: Your Guide to Sunkissed Skin

Summer is tantalizingly close, and a good bronzer is one of the most valuable assets in your makeup bag at this time of year. It’s a proven fact that everyone looks beautiful with softly sunkissed skin, but we’ve all been warned ad nauseam about the perils of sunbathing, so bronzer is a no-brainer! From powder to liquid and everything in between, these nine products will help you fake a tan like a pro. (Just use in moderation to avoid this.)

The Bronze Age: Your Guide to Sunkissed Skin

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The first thing to figure out when shopping for bronzer is what type of look you want. If you’re aiming for dewy and fresh-faced, a cream bronzer is perfect. NARS The Multiple provides sheer, gorgeous, blendable color. A gel or liquid bronzer is also a good option; Giorgio Armani Liquid Summer is a fan favorite. Mix a few drops with your liquid foundation for subtle, all-over color, or apply on its own for a sun goddess glow.

For the most natural-looking bronzed skin, matte powder is your go-to product. It’s the best way to make it seem like you’ve been tanning on a tropical beach for a few days even though you’ve (obviously) been rocking the SPF 50. Benefit Hoola gives you a soft and subtle tan; Guerlain Terracotta is an old-school classic; Bobbi Brown Bronzing Powder is my everyday favorite. Matte bronzer is also the most buildable option, since you can deepen your color without doubling up on shimmer. (Bonus: it can also be used for contouring!)

Last on our list is bronzer with shimmer. When applied cautiously, it results in a beautifully luminous, sunkissed complexion. Buxom bronzer is always fantastic; Hourglass Ambient Bronzer gives you amazing radiance and dimension; and for all you multi-taskers, this awesome bronzer palette also includes highlighter and blush.

What’s your favorite bronzer?

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