Friday Favorites

Hello friends! This weekend, Mil is having some dental work done. So, we’re planning to spend Saturday marathoning Veep and eating all things soft and soupy. Bring on the Tom Kha Gai and the non-dairy ice cream! Don’t worry Mil, I’ll bring you the real stuff! I’m also looking forward to hanging the last few things in our home and putting the final boxes away. It will be a relief to no longer get dressed out of a cardboard box! It’s definitely at the top of my favorites list for the week. Here are five of my other favorites from the week, sourced from the interwebs.


1. Love rom coms? I do! I love their predictability and sappiness. There are a few I’ve watched so many times, that I’ve basically memorized the dialogue. They’re like the movie equivalent of your favorite cozy blanket. Well now you can visit the filming locations of nine of the most popular romantic comedies, thanks to this Yahoo Travel guide. It’s just the excuse Mil and I need to plan a trip to Charleston – as if we needed an excuse!

2. Winter is the season of tights. Patterned tights, sheer tights, footless tights…the options abound! But how do you know which brands will offer the greatest durability and the least likelihood of snags? No one wants to invest in a pair that ends up ripping on their first day out. Thankfully, a group of professional dancers have shared their favorite brands and styles.

3. The sequel to To Kill A Mockingbird is finally being published! I’ve been waiting for this moment since the 5th grade. You really should follow the link and read the entire article in The Atlantic. Their take on this news is interesting and provides some great background.

4. Speaking of professional dancers, have you taken one of those ballet inspired fitness classes? My friend Anna is an instructor at Pure Barre, so I tried a class out to see what it was all about. Dang, that workout is hard! So hard that my legs were actually shaking. It’s a great workout for developing strength without bulk, but it’s certainly not the workout for you if you’re trying to save money. Thankfully, one of my favorite fitness bloggers has a series of free barre videos you can do at home. I did the “Barre Ab Burner”¬†yesterday and it hurt so good.

5. After twenty something years, I’m finally starting to learn how to do my hair. The Small Things Blog is one of my favorite resources for how-to videos. Currently, I’m currently trying to master “lived in waves.” Check out her tutorials here.

Hope you have a great weekend! Don’t do anything we wouldn’t!


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