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Hi friends, it’s been awhile! I fully intended to get back to the ol’ blog on Monday, but I was stricken with a cold towards the end of my sister’s visit, so I made the tough decision to spend the last couple of days convalescing on the couch with Thai takeout, a giant box of Kleenex, and a DVR full of Fear the Walking Dead. But I’m on the mend now and ready to regale you with some highlights from my week off.

Our first order of business once my sister arrived? Wedding dress shopping! My friend Sarah joined us for the day and our little entourage visited several bridal salons around Seattle. It was SO much fun – and it was Kate’s first time trying on dresses, so there was a lot for her to absorb. (More to come later on the whole wedding dress shopping experience!)

Wedding dress shopping

Excited to start trying on dresses at Nordstrom!


Wedding dress shopping at BHLDN Seattle

Anthropologie, killing it as usual in the styling department


Wedding dress shopping

Isn’t she lovely? This dress wasn’t the one, but it twirled like whoa


Next up was our epic Mother’s Day surprise. First, some background: Kate lives in Taiwan and she hadn’t been home in about a year and a half. We had been planning this surprise for months and were a little worried my mom might suspect something, but she had NO idea, and the surprise went off without a hitch. There was a lot of crying and screaming (the happy kind!) which was extremely satisfying. I actually took a video of the whole thing, which turned out pretty great, but it’s in an “unsupported file format” so I can’t share it here. Trust me, it was awesome!

Mother's Day surprise

Here we are waiting for our mom to show up for Mother’s Day brunch so we can surprise her…of course she was half an hour late


Mother's Day surprise

Celebratory mimosas after the big reveal


We all had so much fun together over the next week – soaking up sunshine at the beach and the park, round two of wedding dress shopping, an afternoon baseball game, loads of wedding planning – but of course time passed way too quickly. By some miracle the weather was absolutely gorgeous the entire time, which made it even better! Now it’s back to the grind, but I’m wistfully looking through all the pictures on my phone in a fruitless attempt to drag my vacation out a little bit longer.

Life Lately // Lake Union

Strolling along Lake Union


Life Lately // Beach time

Sister time at the beach


Life Lately // Little Water Cantina

Victory margs and tacos after finding Kate’s dream wedding dress!


Life Lately // Little Water Cantina

As it happens, the menu at Little Water Cantina perfectly captures the essence of our blog


Life Lately // Mariners game

Taking in an afternoon baseball game


Life Lately // Mariners game

Bleacher seats are the best seats


Life Lately // Sister selfie

Takin’ selfies in the backyard


Life Lately // Newcastle Golf Club

Come back soon, Kate!


So that’s what’s been going on with me! What have you been up to lately? Any fun adventures to report? A cool vacation coming up? Has work/school/life been driving you crazy? Let’s hear all the juicy details!

♥ Mil

Sister Staycation!

Sister time!

I’m taking the week off from the blog for the greatest possible reason…my sister is in town! She lives abroad and we don’t get to see each other very often, so when she comes to visit, it’s a very Big Deal. The purpose of her trip home is threefold: surprise our mom for Mother’s Day, celebrate my 30th birthday, and do some wedding dress shopping. Having successfully accomplished #1 (a surprise we’d been planning for months), we’ll be focusing our efforts on #2 and 3 the rest of the week…both of which will likely include a LOT of champagne. Yay!

If you want to keep up with our shenanigans, you can follow along on Instagram. See you next week!

♥ Mil


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Get Pinspired: 2016 All-American Travel Inspiration

This year, both Mil and I are trying to save money, which can cramp one’s travel plans. Rather than bemoan the absence of an exotic trip on this year’s agenda, I’ve set my sights on a few stateside destinations. There are so many unbelievable places to see across the country, some of which are woefully overlooked. Here’s my shortlist of must-visit American destinations for 2016.

Oneonta Gorge Oregon The Emerald Canyon American Road Trip

Oneonta Gorge is located in the Columbia River Gorge in Oregon. It’s close enough to Portland to make for a great add-on adventure to a visit to the city.


Grand Canyon Arizona American Road Trip

It seems like every year I pitch a trip to the Grand Canyon to Nick, but we never make a trip happen. This picture of Horseshoe Bend is enough to push me to recommit.


conde naste biltmore estate asheville north carolina american roadtrip

Asheville, North Carolina is home to one of the few American castles: Biltmore Estate. It’s basically as close to Downton Abbey as I may get this year, and I’m more than ok with that!


Charleston South Carolina American Road trip

Mil and I have been talking for a while about taking a trip to Charleston, South Carolina. She would fit right in amongst the historic homes and classic southern belles!


Santa Fe New Mexico American Road Trip

The Southwest has some unbelievable geology. So much red rock! Kasha-Katuwe Tent Rocks National Monument reminds me a bit of Cappadocia in Turkey – otherworldly.


New Orleans Louisiana American Road Trip

The French Quarter in New Orleans is probably on everyone’s bucket list, so no surprise here. As you know, I’m not a drinker so I’ll probably be avoiding Mardi Gras season.


What are your 2016 travel plans? Local road trips or long distance adventures? If you’re looking for travel inspiration, I suggest you check out our “Take me Away” Pinterest board with these ideas and more.


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