5 Summer Road Trips Around the Pacific Northwest

Hi friends! I hope our American readers had a lovely long weekend (and I hope everyone else had a lovely regular-length weekend). I was a little bummed that I didn’t get to travel anywhere over Memorial Day – last year Jules and I went to San Diego and it was awesome! – but now I’m extra motivated to plan a weekend getaway or two this summer. Here are five fun destinations within easy driving distance of Seattle that I have my eye on.

Cannon Beach, Oregon

5 Weekend Road Trips Around the Pacific Northwest // Cannon Beach, OR

Cannon Beach has a special place in my heart – it was my family’s favorite vacation spot when I was growing up. We’d come for a week every spring to frolic in the surf with our dog, explore the tide pools, and ride beach cruisers along the shore. I haven’t been in years, but I would love to go back.

Vancouver, British Columbia

5 Weekend Road Trips Around the Pacific Northwest // Vancouver BC, Canada

A weekend jaunt from Seattle to Vancouver, BC is perfect if you’re in the mood for an easy international excursion; you get to whip out your passport without needing to get on a plane or practice a foreign language on Duolingo. From shopping on Robson Street to taking a pulse-pounding stroll across the Capilano Suspension Bridge, there’s plenty to keep you occupied for a long weekend.

Ashland, Oregon

5 Weekend Road Trips Around the Pacific Northwest // Ashland, OR

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A charming little town near the border of Oregon and California, Ashland is host to the Oregon Shakespeare Festival, another time-honored tradition from my childhood. There’s nothing quite like watching a classic play in the beautiful, open-air Elizabethan Theatre. The festival offers much more than just Shakespeare, though – theater nerds of all persuasions will love it!

Portland, Oregon

5 Weekend Road Trips Around the Pacific Northwest // Portland, OR

Just three hours south of Seattle, Portland is always a safe bet for a fun weekend! My aunt and cousins live here, so I’m a somewhat regular visitor. If you go, you can’t miss Powell’s City of Books, the largest used and new bookstore in the world. It occupies an entire city block in the Pearl District; it’s so vast that they offer you a guide at the door. Seriously, it’s Disneyland for book lovers. Oh, and while you’re in Portland, don’t forget to pick me up some Voodoo Doughnuts.

Walla Walla, Washington

5 Weekend Road Trips Around the Pacific Northwest // Washington Wine Country

Dreaming of a trip to Napa but don’t want to splurge on a plane ticket? Washington wine country is a great alternative. The Walla Walla Valley is home to over a hundred wineries, beautiful scenery, and some of the cutest winery dogs you’ll ever meet. Admittedly, there’s not a ton to do in Walla Walla other than sip wine, but since when is that a bad thing?

What about you? Are you planning any trips this summer?

♥ Mil


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Friday Favorites

Happy Friday! How was your week? Mine has been crazy busy, but we had a mini heat wave a few days ago, so I dropped everything and made a beeline for the beach after work. It was glorious. Apart from that, things have been pretty nonstop. I’m really looking forward to relaxing this weekend and having my mom over for brunch on Mother’s Day. Mimosas and scones are the greatest gift of all, right? (Just kidding, Mom!) What are your plans for the weekend? As you count down the hours to sweet freedom, please enjoy a few of my favorite links from this week.

Friday Favorites

1. Looking for vacation inspiration? Set your sights on these incredible Airbnb homes around the world, including a private prep school in Ireland and a lighthouse in Australia.

2. A French company in Dubai has opened a pop-up nap bar, where you can curl up amidst luxury pillows and relax in style. And oh yeah, it’s free. Happy hour indeed!

3. These 15 wine slushies are making me look forward to summer even more than I usually do. Bring on the sangria sno cones!

4. One Kickstarter campaign is taking the “woman card” to the next level – by creating a full deck featuring badass ladies like Sally Ride, Rosa Parks, and Beyoncé.

5. This guide to selecting a brunch outfit according to your hangover made me laugh. Brunch will not be denied!

Have a fabulous weekend!

♥ Mil

Mother’s Day Gift Guide

In case the ridiculous amount of commercials for Garry Marshall’s latest movie haven’t yet tipped you off, Mother’s Day is right around the corner! Time to come up with a game plan, people. Is anyone else’s mom really hard to shop for? Mine can be a challenge since she’s so unmaterialistic (it must skip a generation, because I’m basically a shopping addict). Fortunately, my shopping skills come in handy here. So if you don’t have any gift ideas yet, don’t worry – I’ve got you covered!

Mother's Day Gift Guide


1. Whether she’s a beauty junkie or not, your mom will appreciate a luxurious facial oil like this one from Drunk Elephant.

2. She already knows she’s the best, but a little reminder of that wouldn’t hurt.

3. Despite being a fairly traditional gift, this beautifully packaged bubble bath is anything but generic.

4. Give your mom the gift of quality time and take her to a concert! Bonus points if that concert is at a winery.

5. If she’s an iced tea lover, this sangria-inspired blend is destined to be her new favorite.

6. Engrave a necklace with her kids’ initials – or maybe the coordinates of the house where you grew up – for a gift that’s sweet and meaningful.

7. If she’s been very good this year (and you received a giant tax refund) consider the greatest gift of all: a fancy espresso machine!

8. These cute pineapple jars are perfect for storing anything from sweets to sentimental trinkets.

9. If you and your mom both like to cook, give her a book filled with fun recipes you can work your way through together.

10. Treat her to something she’d never indulge in herself, like silky soft pajamas in a stylish otomi print.

11. A beach vacation may be out of your budget, but this classic, fresh fragrance is a close second to the real thing.

My mom reads this blog, so none of the above will be her actual gift (hi, Mom!) but I’m planning some fun surprise activities for Mother’s Day weekend. What about you?

♥ Mil


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Friday Favorites

Happy Friday, lovely friends! How was your week? What’s on your schedule for the weekend? Jules is off in D.C. for a conference, and I’m stuck here in drizzly Seattle. But the good news is I’m majorly overdue for a treat yo’ self day…I’m thinking pedicure, haircut, cupcakes, Sephora spree, the works. Who wants to join me? Or will everyone be watching the Super Bowl? Whatever you’re up to, start the weekend off right with a few fun links!

Friday Favorites

1. Picking out a good wine can be intimidating, but with these tips you’ll be a pro in no time. (Vogue)

2. Budgeting has got to be one of my least favorite activities ever, right up there with camping and being awake before 10 am. These money management hacks make it seem a lot less painful! (Lauren Conrad)

3. Apparently drinking coffee can help you live longer. So I’m going to be immortal, basically. (Food & Wine)

4. Beauty junkies, rejoice: the ClassPass of salon services has arrived! (Refinery29)

5. If your New Year’s resolution was to read more, you’ll love this new monthly book subscription service. (Hello Book Lover via Anchored to Sunshine)

Have an awesome weekend!

♥ Mil

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